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The objective of this project is to promote the domestic manufacturing sector and the commercialization of water and irrigation technologies , strengthening the current market and encouraging the opening of new markets through the creation of a B2B platform and RFID inventory system, where intended:

  • Standardize "water" products and solutions
  • Innovate in the process of buying-selling-renting products and solutions relating to "water"
  • To promote knowledge transfer between companies that are committed to R & D + i

Building on the launch of this platform we want to encourage the development of a culture of water and irrigation in the agricultural sector as well as trying to solve many of the uncertainties of the future that is within this field, by conducting conferences and seminars, and through promotion activities and dissemination of results.

To achieve these ambitious goals, it´s created a unique online platform for companies in the industry, where customers and users can publish products, news and business demands, among other things

This project is funded by the National Plan for Scientific Research, Technological Development and Innovation (R & D + i 2008-2011), within the Avanza I + D sub-program of the Strategic Action for Telecommunications and Information Society, to Green ICT.MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, TOURISM AND TRADE.

Partners involved:

  • AGRONET, project leader, is a Technology Consulting with over 10 years experience specializing in the implementation of new technologies in agriculture and livestock creating vertical platforms as a means to connect companies with agricultural and livestock users.
  • AFRE, Spanish Manufacturers Association for Water and Irrigation, brings together the most technologically advanced companies, capable of manufacturing equipment and materials adapted to a competitive environment and increasing water scarcity and global economy. Its associates are committed to quality, innovation and internationalization of their products and invest continuously in R & D + i.
  • MTP is a consultancy specializing in Engineering and Quality Software services designed to control and improve the cost, time and quality of the life cycle of software products and to improve the process of building software in organizations. MTP has a major R & D with the ultimate goal of providing innovative professional services in engineering and quality, and expand the target markets where they can be offered.
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